What Is A Tincture?

Citizens around the world resort to herbal remedies but many are confused by the complicated language that hides the essence of home-made herbal remedies. Since the beginning of time, the use of herbs to alleviate common ailments has been around and the only thing that prevents individuals from using these common home remedies is the medical jargon that disguises simple preparations as something far too complex for the layman to address.

And it’s a fib. When our ancestors would blend a tincture or an injection, so you can. So I wanted to bring together a series of articles on basic herbal preparations which can be produced by everyone, indeed, everyone.Visit oils and tinctures for more details.

What’s a Tinting?

A tincture is a combination of distilled plants. In some special preparations Apple cider vinegar can be used. The alcohol dissolves all plant chemicals and acts as a preservative for potential use.

Why does it make a tincture?

Alcohol tinctures are made by steeping herbs in rectified spirits or alcohol, by heating herbs and alcohol at different temperatures, or by filtering alcohol through herbs (similar to how you brew a pot of coffee, by suspending the herbs in a filter, and then dripping the alcohol down through the soluble plant material and using the herb-saturated alcohol).

The alcohol used to make a tincture is not alcohol rubbing but a spirit of 90 proof, such as vodka, gin, or brandy.

Technique of foundation tincture

Using high herbs in bourbon, wine, whisky or brandy is the best way to produce a tincture. This means you will take your medicines internally. Use (1) pint of 90 proof alcohol with 4 ounces of cut herbs (as suggested above). Allow 2 weeks for the herbs and alcohol to steep. Strain the spices, then bottle the tincture and mark it.

How to apply your tincture

Tincture drops may be applied to hot or cold herbal teas for drinking, or they may be applied to compresses for outdoor usage. For an instant healing ointment tinctures may also be added to oils or fats.