An Insight On Eden Prairie Wellness Center

Eden Prairie Wellness Center is a wellness center that promotes health and wellness of the human body by offering a holistic approach to health care. The center offers a wide variety of services for both adults and children. The center was founded in 1986 by Barbara Kopp. It specializes in nutrition, exercise and stress management. Osteo Strong is an all natural supplement developed by Barbara Kopp that is used as an appetite suppressant. Eden Prairie Wellness Center  offers excellent info on this.

“Osteo Strong is not simply a fitness supplement, diet, or gym. This supplement provides a healthy lifestyle, and is the foundation for a more complete lifestyle, including a balanced diet, a healthy diet, regular exercise, proper rest, stress management and a holistic approach to health care. Our program incorporates bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (birth control pills), natural dietary supplements, exercise, and counseling sessions. These programs help to balance your hormones, strengthen your immune system, help you lose weight, improve your mental and physical health, and reduce stress. When combined with other treatments, these programs provide you with a complete program that is healthy, safe, and effective.”

The center is affiliated with Osteo Strong, which is a nutritional supplement developed by Barbara Kopp. This supplement is considered to be natural, safe, and is being endorsed by the Center. Osteo Strong is also being sold under the brand name OsteoSense. The supplement has been used by many famous people around the world such as Oprah Winfrey, and other celebrities. OsteoSense has received high accolades from consumers who have tried the product. There are also numerous testimonials available online for you to read.

“I started out with a home remedy on how to get six pack abs. I was able to accomplish this within three months after I had my first drink of OsteoSense. After that I knew that it was what I needed.”

Barbara Kopp is a certified nutritionist and has been working with the health and wellness industry since 1975. She began selling OsteoSense as a health supplement when she became an author and published her book The Ultimate Diet and Life Program.

“In my book I share about a lot of things I learned about nutrition, fitness, exercise, and how to get fit and stay fit. With my experience in the health and wellness field, I now sell products for other people.

Many health and fitness retailers and companies use Barbara Kopp’s products in their own lines. She was instrumental in getting OsteoSense into the market because of the positive feedback she received from her previous customers.

Today, Barbara Kopp works with some of the top health and wellness professionals around the country. She works with doctors, athletes, and celebrities who are trying to reach their full potential. The Center offers classes, a gym, and a certified nutritionist. You can find all the information you need to learn about the Center at the official website. For a very affordable price you will be able to receive all the information you need to achieve your goals!

OsteoStrong – Eden Prairie
8345 Crystal View Rd Suite 100, Eden Prairie, MN 55344
PHONE NUMBER : 651-583-5001