Resurfacing a Concrete Driveway

You can find that your concrete driveway develops cracks in it over time, this is largely the product of the weather and the wear and tear of driving on it. When you had holes in your driveway in the past the only way to patch them was to break it and pour a new one. This is no longer required as the cracks can be filled and the driveway resurfaced relatively easily. It’s a job you should be able to do alone to help keep the cost down.Learn more at Newark Driveway Resurfacing

The first thing you want to do to resurface your driveway is ensure you scrub it up. For the resurfacing to be successful, the driveway needs to be clean. The easiest way to ensure you get it clean is by using a pressure washer. If you have any oil stains on your driveway, a degreasing agent is required to get them off. It is also critical that the cracks you intend to fill are cleaned out. Scrape them out as best you can, then add a little bleach into the crack. Take your pressure washer after about ten minutes, and spray the cracks out.

To cover the holes you’ll want to use a concrete covering. You can use a putty knife to push the dressing down into the crack for small cracks, and you will find a caulking gun works better for larger ones. In either case after filling the cracks use a putty knife to smooth out the dressing.

If the holes are filled, you will have to cover the joints for expansion. These are the lines which separate the concrete in sections of your driveway. They are there for the concrete to be able to expand and contract as the weather shifts. You need to secure these expansion joints in place so you want to cover them with duct tape.

The next step is to mix the concrete dressing; for this, you’ll want to follow the directions on the package. You’ll need someone to support you, unless you’re just doing a very limited place. The concrete needs to be blended and poured rapidly in small quantities. You would need to have one person apply the concrete dressing for a driveway while the other mixes the next batch. Before the dressing starts to dry you want the whole driveway sealed.

You would want to pour it onto the slab to cover the concrete covering, and then cover it out. If you do only a small area the easiest way to do it is with a trowel, a long handled squeegee is the better choice for large areas. In any case make sure you work hard to get the concrete dressing into all the crevices, this will ensure you have a good smooth surface.

You don’t want the concrete to be smooth while you are resurfacing a driveway, the driveway should have texture to it. The way you do this is to take a push broom with a bristle and drag it over the concrete dressing while it is still wet. This will ensure a textured surface is obtained that is slip resistant.