What to Look For in a Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer

My mentor asked us to write a mission statement and describe what a Personal Trainer should be halfway through my year at UAA learning the fine art of Personal Training. Before enrolling in this class, I was already in business, so I figured I understood it all… wrong! It was very difficult to describe myself, so I had to think outside of the box and then it got easier. Let me share what I would describe as an extraordinary trainer with you.Do you want to learn more? Visit TS Fitness

There are about 10 main components that make a coach exceptional. I’m going to list them and try to expand on each one then.

Awareness is the most significant aspect that a teacher should possess. As well as sound nutritional advice, knowledge of the correct and safe exercises a client should perform. A professional teacher should communicate with the population she has experience with. A teacher should be able to appreciate the contrast between “fads” and what actually works. The teacher should read from reputable sources and learn from them. She should understand how to assess whether an article is written by an intelligent person or someone who is only trying to make a quick buck. In their area of specialty, a teacher needs to be trained.

Reliability is the second aspect that I feel a trainer needs to have. Reliable to me means not only that the teacher will be on time and ready for work where she is meant to be, but also that what she says can be “taken to the bank.” Reliability and trustworthiness are synonymous and should be equally important. In the dictionary, the two terms are synonymous and trustworthy is another synonym. These are all characteristics that if I were to pick a personal trainer, I would look for.

We also raise the question of confidentiality when we mention confidence. The relationship between a client and a trainer should be close to the relationship between a doctor and a patient. Between a trainer and a client, more happens than just counting reps and adjusting weights. The teacher is an advisor to the client and an instructor. One who helps another to alter is a helper. The position of the trainer is very complicated because she serves as an educator, a coach, a mentor, and a supporter. Trainers need to be very conscious of their weaknesses and must never go beyond the boundaries of their own experience.

A successful trainer needs to be a person. A teacher is asked to deal with a lot of different kinds of individuals and she needs to know how to adapt to a variety of different personality styles. She would be considered nice and polite if a trainer is personable, and I believe those are important tools for a trainer to possess. It is necessary for a trainer to be a good listener. Listening to the client is really important; don’t just say you know what she wants. It’s not just necessary for the trainer to listen …. Hear what the client tells her, though.

A role model should be a mentor. A teacher should “practise what she preaches” by teaching. A trainer can eat well and exercise. The teacher would encourage healthy eating habits. Not only can a trainer “talk the talk,” but also “walk the walk.”

When establishing a curriculum for a client, a teacher should put protection above all else. In order to set up a secure and successful training programme, a trainer needs to get medical records from his client and do some basic fitness tests.

It is necessary for a trainer to be prompt and well organised. To track fitness goals and strength improvements, the trainer needs to teach the client how to maintain detailed workout records.