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If you are unemployed or simply looking for a new career, many are considering entering the lucrative industry of pharmaceutical sales. While you may not be experienced in the industry, there are a number of pharmaceutical companies willing to hire the right candidates for the position if they feel they will become an asset to the organization. Before you start filling out online applications and revising your existing resume, understand how a pharmaceutical company chooses their sales representatives. With this understanding you will know which positions to apply for and which will require more experience and education.Learn more about us at Nano Medic Care Sdn Bhd-Pharmaceutical Companies In Malaysia

When you are browsing through job postings with various leading companies in the industry, there are three types of sales positions you will encounter: specialty pharmaceutical sales reps, hospital or institutional representatives. A primarily sales position will be referred to as primary care or mass-market sales. These positions are those entry-level candidates will most likely qualify for. Hiring managers for these mass-market positions will consider applicants who have recently graduated from college or those without a degree who have years of sales experience in another field.

An entry-level applicant will be applying for a position where they will contact primary care physicians to promote products and technologies. With the right amount of training on the product, and good interpersonal skills, even sales reps with little experience can prove to be an asset to the right company.

Specialty representative positions for leading companies will require experience in the field. Most reps are actually promoted from within for this type of position. Once you have proven yourself in the mass-marketing platform, you can move on to specialty sales. When companies do hire from the outside, they will look for individuals who have experience in primary care sales or specialty sales already, so it is not recommended to apply for these positions unless you truly have experience.

For driven and motivated sales professionals, a career in pharmaceuticals can be a lucrative one. While most positions in the field require education and training, sales people must have skills that cannot be taught. Apply for entry level positions with well-regarded companies in the industry and work your way up.