Easy Details about Air Conditioner Installation

There are at least five reasons for determining whether to add new air conditioner. The a / c unit life expectancy is roughly ten years. If you’re a / c unit is over eight years old and you are looking at high bills for maintenance or exorbitant energy prices, then it is time to start replacing it. The hardest thing you have to do is to wait before they die. You don’t want to know exactly how hot the air without it can be.

Denham Springs AC Repair AssociationModern air conditioning systems will help you realise your cooling expenses by up to 60 per cent. That’s very important when you remember that the largest share of the energy costs for homes and businesses is to cover the costs of cooling. New models are produced with equipment which provides a minimum SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of 14. Older models, including those in use only for a decade, have a SEER rating of about 9. Higher numbers mean more productivity and energy savings. Air Conditioner Installation offers excellent info on this.

Older air conditioning systems usually cost more in repair and maintenance costs. Often they have outlived their warranties, making replacing parts less affordable. Even if extended warranties are in force, though, there may not be any replacement parts available. For what?

You see, they’re phasing out R22 Freon. All the cooling devices fabricated today use R410A. The move was largely motivated by environmental issues. New equipment isn’t compatible with older equipment at all. You can’t just move the older pieces to newer ones. The only alternative would be complete replacement of the air conditioner. Why wait, then?

The change to remove R22 Freon represents a step towards protecting the world. In R22 the HCFCs contribute to depletion of ozone. The newer coolant R410A has zero ODP (potential for removing ozone).

Smaller equipment is now handling massive refrigeration operations. At the end of unit life this translates into less waste material. Many modern air conditioners are constructed modularly, allowing the units to be removed for easy cleaning, repair and servicing. Easier access means less time needed, and lower labour costs.

Since the newer air conditioning systems can be so conveniently disassembled, the devices can be ready for recycling quickly. Nearly 85 per cent of the components are completely recyclable on certain new a / c systems. Some also have long-life philtres to wash and reuse.