Digital Marketing Concepts

Marketing or publicity is a very broad concept. It involves different promotional forms, i.e. television, internet , radio, print ads, brochures, social networking sites and word of mouth. Advertising is also very essential for any product to ensure that even after the advertising stoppage, the product gains market in the long run. Therefore digital online marketing branch is extremely important.Click on How You Can Stand Out From The Rest In Digital Marketing – SolutionHow

Digital marketing aims to target audiences via television , radio, mobile and the internet. It is attempting to target people of all genres. This also carries the blame for long-term marketing. As sometimes the promotional mail sent to a person may end up remaining forever in his mail unless he deletes it from his inbox.

Digital marketing is a broader term, and not just internet. It also includes platforms such as telephones, mobile phones, SMS / MMS and wireless banners. It is a term which is far wider than online marketing. It also includes more individuals and thus tends to draw significant numbers of customers.

Digital marketing has two separate approaches, namely the Pull and the Push process. Both are equally essential and each has its own set of pros and cons. I’ll discuss each of the approaches in the paragraphs above.

The Pull digital marketing strategy will allow the customer to reach out to the market or the internet and look for the product they need and want. The customer will have to put more energy into going through the hard work to find the stuff here. Those are the advertisers who put the knowledge on show.

The pull method of digital marketing depends entirely on the customer and his needs as the customer goes to the web to browse through various information of his choice. A part of this pull method is checking out blogs, articles, ads that are hosted on various sites. It can be interpreted simply as the advertisers attract the attention of the consumer to their advertisements online.

The main downside of this digital marketing pull approach is that if the customer has a pop-up blocker, the customer may miss out on some information which comes out in the form of pop-ups. Also if ads posted by advertisers are not attractive enough, then some business may lose out.

The next method of digital marketing in online marketing is the Push method, where the marketer pushes or imposes information on the customer through e-mails, SMS/MMS etc. it ensures better targeting and data along with faster and consistent delivery of messages. This approach however targets a limited number of viewers and is therefore costly.