Chiropractic – Chronic Low Back Pain

Weakening Pain

If you have ever seen someone suffering from the discomfort of intense lower back pain, or if you have endured it yourself, you know how it can be crippling. It hurts bending over, straightening up , getting in and out of bed, or inside and out of the car-or even rising from a chair. You are constantly grabbing to somehow lessen the pain or stop the spasms at your lower back.If you’re looking for more tips, Brooksville Chiropractic-Chiropractic Care has it for you.

The low back, (also known as the lumbar region) serves several important functions for your body, including structural support, movement, and tissue protection. When a person is in a standing position, most of the body’s weight is held in the lower back. If we bend, stretch, or rotate at the knee, the lower back gets involved. It explains why pain affects a variety of normal activities in the lower back.

Why Your Modern Lifestyle Demands a Chiropractor

Problems Interacting

Lower back pain causes are usually caused by a combination of factors such as overuse, muscle strain, or tissue, ligaments, and discs that support the spine. One question could lead to another. For example, muscle strain can cause imbalance in the structure of the spinal cord. This then causes tension on the muscles , ligaments, bones and joints (and increased wear and tear). Now that area is even more vulnerable to injury.

Lower back pain is either categorized as acute (a new occurrence) or chronic (the patient has long suffered from the pain). This type of strain usually occurs to individuals in their 40s or older. However, such lower back injuries can occur at any age.

Excluding a traumatic injury, back pain doesn’t happen overnight. Usually, it’s the result of years or months of a neglected condition. The lower back eventually gives way and the pain sets in.

Spinal cleavage

As with many painful conditions, most people take pain medication to begin their own care. While this may offer temporary relief, it ignores the root cause, so the issue will certainly reoccur, and likely with greater severity.

Finding a chiropractor ‘s services is an effective way of dealing with that root cause. Chiropractic treatment includes a spinal adjustment among other things. The aim of this adjustment is to restore mobility to an abnormally locked (fixed) spinal joint which in some way causes pain and discomfort.

Invasive therapies such as surgery should be a last resort. A Chiropractor Visit will save you time and money. Research have shown that chronic pain patients obtained substantial relief from chiropractic procedures. It was also revealed that patients receiving acute care who found a chiropractor received healthier physical results than patients receiving acute care from doctors.

A wholistic approach to treating wellbeing and pain means avoiding prescription drugs and their many side effects. Chiropractic treatment will mean painless protection for you today and in the coming months and years.