Best Camera Lens For Dog Photography

It’s not as difficult as frustrating to take good dog pictures, especially if your pet isn’t trained and usually doesn’t respond to the commands. Indeed the task can pose some challenges even with trained dogs. Because of their curious and friendly nature, at any moment the dog can start wiggling his tail, turn his head when hears a noise or simply move away from the spot you want to use as background. These inconveniences can however be avoided if you select the appropriate location for the photo, namely one that attracts your pet and that will keep it centered.You may want to check out for more.

Taking the time and showing it how to respond to a good solid dog command would be the easiest approach to taking great dog pictures in order to enter a competition. While it’s true that this situation will require a lot of patience from your part, avoiding putting too much pressure on the dog is generally a good idea. One reason is that dogs often pick up on the vibes of their masters and all you’ll do is make matters worse. Only relax, praise your pet constantly and get someone to help you take the images.

Just make sure the dog is looking at the camera as you’re taking the shot, it’s advised to say afterwards its name and the command. The easy way of attracting his attention is to use squeaky toys. Using one of his favorite toys, however, is unwise, as he might feel compelled to come and take it away from you. Another suggestion is to wave a reward above the camera in the event the dog doesn’t respond to your order or the toy. Simply take a photo when the dog is looking straight at the camera.

The best dog pictures don’t depend solely on the cooperation of the pet, but also on choosing a backdrop to match the colors of the fur. For example, black or dark blue backgrounds tend to underscore the beauty of a white, golden or red base fur. If the dog has darker fur then use light colored backdrops such as lavender, light green or light blue. To prevent disturbances caused by the set, it is better to use solid-colors, rather than patterned models for the background. At the same time, keeping clear of plain white settings is best, as they appear to make the dog look washed-out and bland.

It is a good idea to use a decent digital camera for better results and in case the dog images may need editing. Another reason why the digital camera is a great choice is that the photos that came out badly with ease can be easily deleted. However, as this job will most definitely take some time, the digital camera has all the flexibility you need to take realistic shots.