The green area – Summary

For millennia, the beautiful and exquisite elegance of flowers has intrigued citizens of every nation and history. Flowers were developed and cultivated for their beautiful beauty and healing potential. more info Flowers are the focus of poetry and stories, and the flowers are often connected with religious images. Most flowers are called after people. But the key explanation for flowers’ success is their potential to offer good cheer.

Here is some basic details about flowers for all fellow flowers lovers and flowers admirers. This will also provide a larger meaning to your flower gift and to purchase it.

Asters More than 600 species of asters exist, the most popular being the Casino of Monte. Ancient cultures assumed the serpents were forced away by the odor of the leaves when burned. Although this might not be as important today, its connotation could still be relevant: to offer asters implies, “I’m not sure whether you’ve been truthful to me.” Be careful which asters you send to!

Meanings: Sweet, patience Bells of Ireland Although the name indicates that these flowers come from Ireland, they originated in west Asia. Ireland’s bells have a spicy / peppery smell, and belong to the mint tribe. We stand for joy.

Meanings: good luck, whimsy Carnations The turn of the century dandies should not quit the house in the buttonhole of their suit without a white or red carnation. The flower has lost some of its appeal, with the loss of this practice and the fact that carnations are now quickly planted and produced. Carnations, however, are not just lovely and long-lasting flowers, they often convey a message: when you receive a red carnation bouquet, it implies, “My heart durs for you” and when you receive white carnations, the sender says, “I am always open.” Meanings: obsession, devoted love Chrysanthemum Imagine, chrysanthemums have been cultivated in Chinese gardens for nearly 3000 years! The word chrysanthemum has its roots in the Greek chrysos (gold) and anthos (flower). Any of the significances connected with this flower today are: purity, cheerfulness and true devotion.

Meanings: cheerfulness, innocence Dahlias The dahlia is Mexico’s national flora and is also its birthplace. An early Aztec text notes that the Aztecs used dahlias as an anxiety remedy. The flower only came to Europe in the nineteenth century, where it was developed and grown into the varieties today.

Meanings: beauty, sophistication Iris Do you realize there are so many different iris varieties that they will grow wild during the year, in water and on land? Iris was most important in history as France’s symbol — Fleur-de-Lis — created by the King of France in the 11th century. Today, it is Tennessee’s state flower and its values are confidence, trust, and knowledge.