Best Custom Bookcases Near Me

Through replacing the traditional, dull closet door with hidden bookcase doors, you can have a special touch to your room décor as well as an extra storage area. Custom Bookcases near me is one of the authority sites on this topic. A hidden door is a perfect place to conceal from your guests and camouflage a bathroom, wine cellar, weapons cabinet, linen closet or other places in your home that need a lock.

The best way to purchase doors in secret is via the Website. Often come with directions to help you mount the door with ease and power. Check out some fake bookcase doors and other exclusive on-line bookcases.

Hide Bookcase & Mirror Doors (Secret):

Convert your closet door or home library bookcase into a hidden bookshelf door concealing a secure space or closet or wine cellar. Each bookcase has electro-magnetic keys on it. It is designed to be immune to projectiles, and immune to entry. Through visiting, you will find out more about this Bookcase frame.

Princess Of Hidden Compartment Bookcase:

This device is part of the Princess Baby Bookcase series at KidKraft. It features a happy pink finish with elegant detail on the gold leaf and a gold crown that will definitely inspire any little child. It has 3 levels of shelf ideal for keeping the favorite books and other things for your kids. This comes on top with a hidden pocket to hold valuable documents. The device measures by 42.25 inches in height, 24 inches in width and 12 inches in size. This bookcase that sells at under model code 04-76126 for $92.00, 31 per cent or $41.33 less than the list price of $133.33.

Bookcase EXPEDIT:

This bookcase is adjustable, since this can be used as a space divider as well. This furniture built by Tord Bjorklund includes wall mounting and fasteners which are suitable for the type of wall you have. The filling medium is cloth, while particleboard, ABS foam, acrylic paint, fibreboard, and melamine foil are the key components for the set shelf. For fast wall mounting it comes with steel suspension rail and hardware. The measurements are 58 and 5/8 “in width by 15 and 3/8” in size by 58 and 5/8 “in height. The color options are result of birch, black-brown , white and walnut. This machine can be bought on for just $159.00.

DMI 7684-08 Paper Bookcase on rue De Lyon:

This bookcase is designed to suit every modern room decor. It features 3 flexible, wood frame glass shelves, a file holder, and canister lamp. It’s eligible for just $894.99 at

Custom Woodfold Bookcase Doors:

Woodfold is one of the brand names you can rely on when it comes to bookcase frames. These are perfect replacement concepts for every residential or industrial renovation scheme. This door may be customized to conceal a closet, a wall safe, a private escape or a wine cellar. It includes 2 set bottom and middle shelves, 4 interchangeable racks, option of completed or unfinished hardwood veneers, and hinges for steel hardware. For more details on this door to the bookcase, go to

Ergocraft Laguna Bookcases in High Duty Wood Veneer:

This bookcase is made of wood veneer with back finish. It includes flexible, metal reinforcing rod racks. The shelf weight is 120 pounds and the heights available are 30 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches and 84 inches. Bright maple, plum, medium maple, walnut, and mahogany finish choices.