Africa Becomes the 2nd Fastest Growing Tourism Region in the World

Tourism is a budding business in Southern Africa, with the growth of South Africa’s tourism more than three times the global tourism rate. That is no surprise considering the many and varied opportunities on offer. Find a whole world just at the bottom of Africa.Do you want to learn more? click reference

The sea experience ranges from calm and warm in KwazuluNatal to icy and wild in the Western Cape. The weather also offers all seasons from snow (although not exactly mountains of it), rain, wind, scorching heat and freezes (like recently experienced – particularly in Gauteng). Speaking of seasons, Spring is beautiful because it brings the promise of new life, but Autumn has been an absolute treat for me this year. My gorgeous 20-month old daughter has taught me to play and have so much fun in the leaves. Autumn will never be the same for me again. From wanting to wrap up inside, we now wrap up to go outside and return with red faces and dusty shoes.

I have to reiterate what an amazing part of the world we inhabit. Where else in the world can you find forests, beaches, mountains, wine farms, game, cities, fine dining and accommodation types to suit each different need? So it is really hardly a wonder tourism is such a treat here at the bottom of Africa.

Southern African tourism is a sensation to the soul and an absolute must. For every budget, there’s an answer. If budget is no issue, then fine exquisite luxurious self catering and guest house accommodation is readily available. Game lodges or safari accommodation also ranges from budget camp style to the most luxurious tents in the world. For every class of traveler or tourist, there is an answer.

Our facilities are so popular and adventurous, that organisations treasure the chance to take staff into the country. A further wonder about South Africa and neighbouring countries’ offerings is that regardless of where you are located, a chance to slip away to nature’s special nurturing is never far away. Just a short trip outside of Johannesburg central business district and you can find yourself on a game drive. If you are located near the coast, the chances are it’s a short trip and you get to dip your feet in either the Atlantic or Indian Ocean. And it is always very close to have the sensation of country. Although South Africa (or Southern Africa including neighbouring states) is relatively large, car rentals (again suited to every budget type) make your journey right within your fingertips. So whether you are a Southern African tourist, traveler or resident – make Southern African tourism part of your make-up. Experience life, go adventure and fill your being – that way you become refreshed, rejuvenated and educated. To affirm this, I can vouch that my 20-month old beloved has one of the best roars that I have ever heard and has known since she was a mere 12 months old that cheetahs actually meow and not roar. This, all from her own personal experience…. in Southern Africa!