Just a few years ago, sellers in this new market had a distinct advantage over buyers. They’ve got leverage that consumers didn’t have 5 years ago. Buyers were scrambling on top of one another 5 years ago to bid out the next best bid just to get a great home. Too many buyers were there, and not enough houses. Due to predatory lending and loan officers not qualifying borrowers as well as they could, this excelled. Many of these investors are now foreclosed on because they have not been able to handle their mortgage payments. Check This Out

Today when it comes to authorising a loan, lenders are a lot more strict, but it also means there are not as many borrowers out there. As a result, more homes go on the market and it flips into a market for buyers rather than a market for sellers. Some of the homes purchased only a few years ago are now worth much less than they were initially paid for. But there are still customers out there and the fake seller doesn’t have to stand up for them. If they are serious about finding a home, a serious seller would need to be found right away.

To sell, a serious seller would be inspired. The time will be taken by a fake seller and nit pick anything. Fake sellers just don’t want to sell, so they price the house above market value and let it sit there to See what it will do” The seller will sell if there is actually a bite, but they will not be very versatile. The first time or well below the rest of their competition, serious sellers priced the home right. They want to sell and move and if necessary, they are willing to take a loss.

With customers, serious sellers are often very versatile. This does not mean that they let the buyer walk all over them or give them all they want, but they are willing to calm down and compromise with the buyer unemotionally to find a comfortable middle ground that both parties will be satisfied with. In general, fake sellers can drag out additions and contingencies and not move on much.

In the case of the house, fake sellers would also be too emotional. Serious sellers understand that this is a company offer and will handle it accordingly. If there is a suggestion of a negative problem with the home, fake sellers will be insulted and sometimes terminate the deal altogether.