About Circleville Back Pain

Circleville, Ohio is home to the second oldest chiropractic practice in Ohio and the first of its kind in the state. The practice is called Circleville Chiropractic Care Center and it was founded in 1916 by Dr. J.R. Taylor. The center focuses on spinal care and its services have been provided to many medical professionals over the years. While most doctors have only a general understanding of chiropractic, those who practice at the center are well versed in the art of spinal manipulation. Visit us on Circleville Chiropractor.

Spinal manipulation is one of the most effective and gentle forms of alternative medicine, and for this reason many people from all walks of life seek the treatment from these clinics. Patients who have suffered from a variety of spinal conditions can get the therapy through this center at a very reasonable price. In fact, if you do a little digging on the internet, you will be able to find plenty of reviews that were written by former patients. These patients were able to give their positive experiences with the chiropractor, but also gave examples of the good and bad that they experienced while having the treatment done. Some of them even shared how they would recommend the clinic to other people.

Even though the chiropractor is not licensed to perform spinal manipulation, he or she has access to other forms of therapies and they work closely with a qualified physical therapist and nutritionist. The goal of the patient is to get the body back into balance and be pain free as possible. This is accomplished by changing the alignment of the spine, which is accomplished through spinal manipulation.

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N8 Family Chiropractic
1015 S Court St, Suite A, Circleville, OH 43113
Phone No:(740) 474-2921